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Looking at Europe through American eyes

Task Force Students

UW students getting to grips with European integration!

Two things have particularly impressed me during my first two weeks as a European Union Fellow at the University of Washington.

The first is the warm welcome and useful advice I have received from the people I am working with at the University, particularly Phil Shekleton and his colleagues at the Jackson School of International Studies.

The second is how interested and well informed both faculty and students are here about events thousands of kilometres away in the European Union.  The breadth and depth of their knowledge is impressive, although clearly the Euro crisis continues to dominate both the press coverage and public image of the EU on this side of the Atlantic.

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Digital media help EU share Nobel Peace Prize


EU leaders were in Oslo this week to collect the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize.  Digital media allowed the Prize to be shared in ways that would not have been possible if the EU had won the award 20 or even 10 years ago.

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