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Data journalism and the European elections

European election results chart

I’m following a Mass Open Online Course (MOOC) on data journalism organized by the European Journalism Centre at the moment. This week’s assignment required students to find four examples of data journalism and to say briefly:

  1. What does each story do?
  2. How was it created?
  3. How is it illustrated?
  4. What technologies were used to create the stories?

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Meeting the next generation of European journalists

I had an interesting exchange yesterday with students who are following the Masters in European Journalism organised by the Institut des Hautes Etudes des Communication Sociales (IHECS) in Brusssels.

The course aims to equip the next generation of EU journalists with the skills they will need to cover European affairs in a rapidly changing media environment.  Most of the workshops and assignments are overseen by practicing journalists and media professionals.

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