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Seven things I learned about data visualisation (Guardian Masterclass)

guardianThe Guardian datablog is an international reference when it comes to data journalism, so I jumped at the chance to spend a day with the former head of data visualisation (Adam Frost) and head of creative (Tobias Sturt) from the Guardian’s Digital Agency at a workshop on 22 November. Adam and Tobias now both work for Graphic, a digital agency that specialises in data visualisation and infographics. Continue reading

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Go where your audience is: what EU communicators can learn from local citizen engagement initiatives at EuropCom

This is a guest post by Aurélie Valtat, who chaired a workshop on “E-ambassadors: Engaging citizens in a digital world” at the Europcom conference on 18 October 2012.  Aurélie has been managing the digital communication strategy of the Council of the European Union since 2011. Before joining the European institutions, she was online communications manager at EUROCONTROL, where she demonstrated that social media can transform an institution’s engagement with citizens, in particular in times of crisis. She is also the President of IABC Belgium, the Belgian chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators, and one of the leading voices in the EU blogosphere.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts here on the European Union 2.0 blog, Aurélie!

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