American students quiz MEPs

Debating Europe Schools

One of the things I love about digital media is their capacity to bridge geographical divides, establishing new connections between people who would be unlikely to cross paths in the offline world.

So I was delighted to be able to offer my students here at the University of Washington in Seattle an opportunity to put questions directly to Members of the European Parliament.

This was made possible by Debating Europe, a Brussels-based online platform that aims to encourage dialogue between citizens and EU decision-makers.

I’m grateful to Adam Nyman and his colleagues at Debating Europe for making this possible.  Thanks also to the five MEPs who took the time to answer the students’ questions:

  • Karin Kadenbach
  • Daniel Cohn-Bendit
  • Morten Løkkegaard
  • Mary Honeyball
  • Justas Vincas Paleckis

Here is Karin Kadenbach MEP’s answer to Shane’s question about the rise of extremism in Europe.  You can see the other questions and answers on the Debating Europe website.

This is a great example of transatlantic people-to-people links, which are all the more important at a time when the EU and the USA are preparing to launch negotiations for a new Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.



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2 responses to “American students quiz MEPs

  1. Wow, what a great experience for your students. Kudos to you for setting this up for them. It would be great if we could increase the amount of “transatlantic people-to-people links,” whether it be via video conferencing, or actual travel visits.

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